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Introducing the SIHI SWAPAN sleepwear collection from Rui Batte! Crafted from soft, skin-friendly cotton, this adorable pink sleepwear features charming pleats on top and delicate piping, ensuring your baby sleeps in comfort and style. Easy care with gentle wash recommended.

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Welcome to Rui Batte’s newest addition, the SIHI SWAPAN sleepwear collection, designed to provide ultimate comfort and style for your little ones. This beautiful pink sleepwear is made from high-quality cotton fabric, known for its softness and gentle touch on a baby’s delicate skin. The SIHI SWAPAN sleepwear stands out with its exquisite design featuring pleats on the top, adding a touch of elegance and charm. The finishing with delicate piping enhances the overall look, making it not just comfortable but also stylish. Our commitment to your baby’s comfort means we prioritize skin-friendly materials, ensuring a restful sleep every night. The sleepwear is easy to care for with a gentle wash, and we recommend washing light colors separately to maintain its lovely pink hue. Choose Rui Batte’s SIHI SWAPAN collection for a perfect blend of comfort, style, and quality in your baby’s sleepwear.

Material & Care

Gentle Wash/ Wash Light Colour Separately


0-5 Year, 6-10 Year, 11-15 Year

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